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Spring/Fall Clean Up

Spring Clean Ups

 The Winter Can be rough on your lawn, between the winds, snow, and damages done by vehicles and city plows. Spring Clean ups include removal of all debris from the previous winter including trash, leaves, and cutting back dead plants. Spring Clean ups also include a one-time thatching. During the clean up we inspect each and every part of your lawn to make sure all your trees and plants made it through the winter and are growing strong.


Fall Clean Ups

 Fall Clean ups include removal of all leaves on a weekly or monthly basis depending on what rate the leaves fall, also includes cutting back all plants and perennials. Cleaning up the yard at the end of the season helps prevent your yard from getting smothered by debris and allows new growth in the spring. During the clean up every plant is cut back to allow for a better chance of survival through the harse Ohio winter. All leaves are removed from the property and hauled away if needed. This allows your lawn to come back that much stronger in the spring time with no areas of piled up leaves killing your grass.

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