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Bed Renovations (Mulching, Edging)

 Each year landscaping beds need to be redone or renovated. Renovations usually include adding dirt to raise beds redefining of beds and creation of new bead areas. Redefining your beds annually by mulching and edging giving beds a fresh new look. Edging helps create a new barrier between the lawn and the mulch beds. While laying down new mulch creates a fresh new look while helping to protect plant roots.

Trimming & Pruning

 Throughout the year plants and trees can become unruly and looking bad. It can also cause issues for plants if too much growth occurs on a single side like along building. Not trimming growth can cause you issues with your building with many different plants becoming  invasive and growing into walls, windows, and under siding. Monthly or semi-annual trimming can keep your plants looking great and your building safe.


Irrigation can be great addition to any lawn, no more getting out hose to water, no dead spots during the heat, and a green lawn the entire season. Irrigation systems require a yearly turn on and turn off. During turn on the water is ran back through the system to check for any issues and that the system is working properly. At the end of the season they turn the system blow all water out of the system and winterize to help prevent damages to system in winter.

Brush Hogging

When the weeds get to tall it is time for Brush Hogging. Brush Hogging is capable of going through the tallest of weeds or an overgrown lawn. Brush Hogging is capable going areas that regular mowers can not. It can be a great way to start a property renovation.

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